Who is it made for?

The Knowledge Constructors system enables all kind of studying regardless of time and place. As the system expands, it is becoming more and more efficient in terms of the variety of studies it offers. We aim to include as many educational levels as possible.

For Homeschoolers

For homeschoolers the system offers a wide variety of questions and tasks covering the whole elementary school.

The system also helps homeschoolers to get together and network, and guides the students to work together.

The homeschool system is offered through Phoenix Online School (Finnish only).

For Elementary Schools

Teachers can use the system to help their students learn among other skills autonomy, responsibility and information retrieval skills.

The role of the teacher is transformed into a more tutoring type, where instead of teaching the teacher helps the students find and process information and learn in a meaningful way.

If the system is taken into use in a whole school, it offers a few new possibilities, e.g.

  • Mandatory lessons are no more necessary.
  • Classes can be converted into tutoring groups, consisting of students of different ages.
  • Classroom teaching can be developed into small group teaching.
  • Teachers can use their time more flexibly – teaching can include following the autonomous work of students and helping them where needed, organizing short lessons or group meetings for tutoring groups, participating in evaluation and group tasks.
  • Students can participate more effectively in the everyday running and administration of the school.
  • Integrated curriculum can be used together with subject oriented curriculum. Also multiple different curriculums can be used together.

Please contact Marko Koskinen for more information.

High Schools

We are working on a high school version of the platform. High Schools can use single courses or wider topics.

High schools can also create their own courses. Creating new courses is fast and effortless, because you don’t need to design the study material. A study plan of a few dozen questions and tasks is enough.

Folk High Schools

The system is ideal for Folk high schools for transferring their courses online.

Vocational Schools

We aim to co-operate with vocational schools because the system would allow many improvements in the study culture of the schools by increasing optional courses and allowing autonomous study.


Universities can create a wide spectrum of online courses which the students can take on their own pace and time. Creating new courses is simple and inexpensive, because there’s no need for course material, and because studying is based mainly on peer learning.

Open System for All

In the future, a system based on social media will be launched. It will be open and free for all, funded with advertisements. It will also allow anybody to create their own courses. The system will be open for all educational institutions too.