Student Centered

The aim of the Knowledge Constructors study system is to enable autonomous study in any kind of learning environment.

What is Student Centeredness and why is it important?

Learning is an remarkably well-developed skill in our species. No other species can learn and create new behavioral responses to new situations as diversely and flexibly as us humans. Thus learning is a natural and spontaneous phenomenon, which people don't have to be forced or guided to. Learning improves the survival possibilities of people in the changing environment. Learning brings also pleasure, which guides us to learn more and diverse things.

Since learning is a natural process, it felt only rational to build the learning environments to support this natural process. We live in a world, which is changing in an increasingly rapid speed. The world requires us of ever greater ability to adapt. It seems only common sense that the primary function of the school would be to create learning environments, which help students to learn these adaptation and flexibility skills. These skills cannot be taught by forcing the students into certain mold or defining rigid instructions on how to work.

To help students learn independence, co-operation, adaptation skills and creativity, the students should be brought up in an environment which requires these skills and abilities.

In Knowledge Constructors the natural curiosity, self-determination and active nature of people have been taken into account. The curriculum has been created based on these traits, into questions and tasks, which don't let the student get away with it too easyly but require an active attitude and provide an opportunity to learn diverse social and information acquiring skills.

The Role of Teachers and Tutors

In student-centered learning the teacher's task is to ensure that the student has learnt the knowledge and the skills included in the study plan, and offer his/her own know-how when asked for and to be present to his/her students as a human being and as a co-learner.

The role of the tutor is a bit different. The tutor gathers his/her tutorees together and organizes for them common activities and supports their studying and planning work. Especially in the beginning students need a lot of support to get in to this new kind of study system and culture.


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