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Welcome to find out more about a new kind of learning environment!

Knowledge Constructors -online study system is based on the idea of the learner as an independent constructor of knowledge, who learns best through active information acquiring, peer support and inner motivation.

The study system was originally designed for homeschoolers and to be used in Phoenix School, but it has expanded into a system, which can be used in all kinds of learning environments and levels.

Try it out yourself

Test the system with the Open test version. More info at the Login page.


At the moment we're looking for schools, which would be willing to be in the initial test group. The system has been tested in Phoenix School since the beginning of 2012.

During fall 2014 the elementary school version will be published. Later an open version in Facebook will be published. It will be free for everybody and users will be able to create their own courses.

During the school year 2014-2015 we aim to release the High School version.

About the authors

The system was born out of a pedagogical need, and was designed by Marko Koskinen with the help of a small support team. The aim has been to create the first student centered pedagogical online tool for schools and educational institutions, which would also support peer learning. The students of Phoenix School have also contributed to the design of Knowledge Constructors.

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